View-pdf works only one time

By: Fredy Reichen | Asked: 09/18/2023
ForumsCategory: IntroductionsView-pdf works only one time
Fredy ReichenFredy Reichen asked 7 months ago
Hello I am using the view function to made a pdf. I notice that the pdf works only if am deleting all entries execpt the actual on. If i made a new (the only one) the view is updated and can be send to the customer. What is the issue:  is there no relation between the entries made to the view.  May be is it meta table problem. I started with the lite version and then i migrated to the professional    With kind regards Fredy   And thanks for any help attached the "pdf" made over view
Rob LeVineRob LeVine replied 7 months ago

Yes, there is a direct relation. My guess is that you're filtering your view incorrectly or not at all. See this

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