Coder Needed: Customize PDF output required with conditional elements

By: Joseph Malki | Asked: 03/18/2024
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Joseph MalkiJoseph Malki asked 4 weeks ago
Hello, I have an RFP request form that needs attention. I have the FF Elite subscription.
  1. Multiple property submissions have a problem, submit and capture left at  the first property position instead of traveling to the bottom of the latest "add property" page.
  2. The capture and button arrays need to properly appear to on the bottom of each property entry.
  3. Attached is an output for the preferred PDF. A single or multiple property listing should conform to the output with page count and serial number addition.
  4. The buttons on the bottom of the form should be in a single horizontally aligned line:
  5. "Add a Property "(same green teal color)
  6. "Remove" (black button, white text)
  7. "Submit" (#B0283B button, white text)
  8. "Start Over" (White button, black 1px outline, black text)
The sample output has the field COMPANY NAME (ignore for now).  
1 Answers
Rob LeVineRob LeVine answered 4 weeks ago
I could potentially help, though it depends on your timeframe. Your item #4 (which seems the same as #2) is not impossible, but I think it'll be a lot of work for not much gain and you'd end up with an odd user interface. The "Add a Property" and "Remove" buttons are tied to the property. Each property is inside a repeater and those buttons are part of the repeater. The Submit and Start Over actions are connected to the entire form. i.e., you add properties and you submit the form. So putting those four actions together really doesn't make sense.
Joseph MalkiJoseph Malki replied 4 weeks ago

is there a way to achieve the intended but unresulted end? "a consecutive order of itemized, serialized, and coded propertiy RFP pages?

Joseph MalkiJoseph Malki replied 4 weeks ago

Thanks for the reply Rob open to working with competent clean and lean coders. Wonderful to meet you!

Rob LeVineRob LeVine replied 4 weeks ago

If you're referring to a replication of the attached PDF, I'm 99% sure that's possible. Oddly enough, the page numbers are my biggest concern. Send me a message via this forum system and we can discuss further.

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