Help importing and converting existing web app into WP/Formidable Forms

By: Tony G | Asked: 08/24/2022
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Tony G asked 2 years ago

I have an existing web application that was created about 15 years ago. It's hosted on a Linux web server and was written in HTML with Ajax using a MySQL backend. I'm looking for assistance importing this app and database into FF while maintaining the existing app's functionality and adding security to this new version. Requirements:

  • Speak fluent English
  • Available to discuss the project by phone, skype, and zoom
  • Be able to demonstrate and discuss your Database and application-building experience
  • Have extensive WordPress experience
  • You should be US based.

Do not attach a resume, paste it into the response. Ongoing assistance may be an opportunity. 

Nick CastleberryNick Castleberry replied 2 years ago

Hey I can help you, message me if you’d like. I’ve got experience in doing these types of imports with databases included. If you’d like me to send a PDF version of my resume, I can do that. I don’t know how my resume is going to look copy/pasted here, cause it’s extremely long, but I did paste it here for you.

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Nick CastleberryNick Castleberry answered 2 years ago

My resume wasn’t pasting too well, I attached it for you.

Victor Font answered 2 years ago
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