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Add a second field to a dynamic field
OpenJan Siwinski asked 4 months ago • 
50 views0 answers0 votes
Make MultiPage form as Conversational
OpenAkif WaniAkif Wani asked 4 months ago • 
103 views0 answers0 votes
Get a value from field
OpenVictor Font commented 5 months ago • 
318 views0 answers0 votes
Conditional Logic
193 views0 answers0 votes
Adding custom smart tag
OpenGianluca MarzaroGianluca Marzaro asked 6 months ago • 
192 views0 answers0 votes
How to Compare Lookup Fields with conditions
OpenSina Pars asked 6 months ago • 
205 views0 answers0 votes
How to speed up DataTables?
OpenRob LeVineRob LeVine commented 10 months ago • 
273 views0 answers0 votes
Select2 Implementation for FF Dropdown Fields
OpenWalter JonesWalter Jones asked 11 months ago • 
229 views0 answers0 votes
Front End CSV Upload for Formidable Forms
OpenWalter JonesWalter Jones commented 12 months ago • 
366 views0 answers0 votes
Minimum length of paragraph field
OpenStephen Walker asked 1 year ago • 
273 views0 answers0 votes
Viewing multiple download links in view
OpenBobby Clapp commented 1 year ago • 
415 views0 answers0 votes
Highlight Active Field
OpenDavid McCalebDavid McCaleb commented 1 year ago • 
289 views0 answers0 votes
Multiple Dynamic Fields remove duplicates efficiently
OpenMick Follari asked 1 year ago • 
287 views0 answers0 votes
How to Encrypt/Decrypt Formidable Form Fields
ClosedVictor Font asked 1 year ago • 
435 views0 answers4 votes
Snippetcode isn't working
OpenRob LeVineRob LeVine commented 1 year ago • 
344 views0 answers0 votes
Solving Geolocation Issue With Empty City Field
OpenBobby Clapp commented 1 year ago • 
372 views0 answers1 votes
Custom blackout dates from entries
OpenWayne Atwood asked 1 year ago • 
366 views0 answers0 votes
Add large + and – buttons to number inputs.
OpenRob LeVineRob LeVine commented 1 year ago • 
1392 views0 answers0 votes
Create post from form and set category description field
Openelbe phant asked 2 years ago • 
281 views0 answers0 votes
Limiting 2 drop down field selection
OpenJerry Teo asked 2 years ago • 
298 views0 answers0 votes

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