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Dynamic checkbox with images?
OpenMichael Weston asked 1 week ago • 
26 views0 answers0 votes
frm_pdfs_email_attachment_args not behaving the way it did previously
OpenS F asked 4 months ago • 
117 views0 answers0 votes
Wait to activate AI
OpenMichel Barnes asked 6 months ago • 
161 views0 answers0 votes
Access Code To Continue
OpenJeff DickJeff Dick commented 6 months ago • 
144 views0 answers0 votes
draft condition in form field
Opendanny kim asked 7 months ago • 
160 views0 answers0 votes
"Create an entry in another form" php hook issue with 'save draft'
Opendanny kim commented 7 months ago • 
172 views0 answers0 votes
Duplicate Entries - validate User ID and Date Field
OpenJosh Giblette asked 7 months ago • 
160 views0 answers0 votes
Need help with search filter
OpenSomen SarkarSomen Sarkar asked 7 months ago • 
175 views0 answers0 votes
value dependand of selected dropdown value
OpenJonathan Sternberg asked 7 months ago • 
157 views0 answers0 votes
Using Dall-e instead of GPT in Formidable AI
OpenDerek Knoz asked 7 months ago • 
170 views0 answers0 votes
Button styling not being applied
OpenEoghan O'Sullivan commented 8 months ago • 
290 views1 answers0 votes
Pulling a post taxonomy into an autopopulated form field
OpenDerek Knoz asked 8 months ago • 
225 views0 answers0 votes
Repeaters and API woes
OpenVictor Font commented 9 months ago • 
335 views2 answers0 votes
Use [auto_id] In A Repeater
OpenMichael ClarkMichael Clark asked 9 months ago • 
234 views0 answers0 votes
Validate coupons (saved from another formidable form)
OpenMummy NinjaMummy Ninja asked 9 months ago • 
223 views0 answers1 votes
Add border to frm_color_block setting
OpenAnita Taylor asked 9 months ago • 
363 views0 answers0 votes
Custom padding for columns / grid
OpenAnita Taylor asked 9 months ago • 
299 views0 answers0 votes
Edit Field Shortcode with increment number
OpenClaudio Liverano asked 9 months ago • 
220 views0 answers0 votes
Multiplying Radio button values
OpenConor McLaverty asked 10 months ago • 
192 views0 answers0 votes
Default Calculated Value are Empty Until User Interaction
OpenPabitra Maharana asked 11 months ago • 
348 views0 answers0 votes

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